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Three Ways That Runners Can Boost Their Stamina

Kalley Aman

Kalley Aman, a resident of Manhattan Beach, California, is a Shareholder at Buchalter, PC. Before joining Buchalter, she worked for Miller Nash, LLP in Portland, Oregon. In her free time, Kalley Aman is an avid runner who runs around 100 miles a month.

Over time, many runners want to increase their stamina, so they can tackle marathons and long distance runs. But doing so can be difficult. Here are a few ways that runners can boost their stamina:

1. Run consistently
The more running sessions you undertake each week, the better you will be able to increase your aerobic capacity and muscle strength. Ideally, runners trying to boost their stamina should do three to four running sessions per week that are at least 30 minutes long. Plus, during one of these sessions, runners should go further than their other runs.
2. Slow down
A high heart rate strains your body and slows down your healing process after each run. This is detrimental to increasing your running stamina. Instead, runners should focus on slowing down their pace so they can run longer without taxing their bodies. Speed will come later, as runners continue working toward their desired distance.
3. Maintain good posture
In order to obtain the ideal running posture, individuals should keep their neck and arms loose, roll their shoulders back, raise up their chest, and look straight ahead. Although it may seem unimportant to have good posture when running, it actually helps you to avoid common injuries and makes it easier for you to run better and longer.

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